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Why A Greenlight Studio is Your Next Location

Calling All Successful Gym Owners – Your Next Location is Easier Than You Think

You find yourself lying in bed, eyes wide open and suddenly you realize; it’s time. You have done it.  Your business is crushing it and you are ready to take it to the next level. You are ready for your SECOND LOCATION!

Firstly, congratulations!! This is a tremendous accomplishment as a gym owner and has taken years of dedication and commitment to achieve. And secondly, you are in the perfect position to absolutely crush it with a Greenlight Fitness Franchise.  Now in this article I am not going to get into the details about why, when, or how to do a second location, instead what I want to do is explain to you why we are a perfect fit for exactly where you. 

The Perfect Fit!

Here are my three reasons:

1) You will implicitly understand and value the end-to-end business system that we have created from our combined 50 years of fitness industry experience.  You will look at our Done For You Fitness Franchise model and recognize how it will accelerate your speed to success.

2) You already have the staff needed.  You only need ONE solid trainer to open a Greenlight Studio fitness franchise and never have to run a single session yourself. Just this one person can carry you far past the breakeven mark while saving you the worry about losing and replacing staff members. 

3) You already know how to sell.  You have not gotten where you are as a gym owner without the ability to sell both yourself and your product. The best part is that we take care of ALL OF YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING, we know that you will be hyper successful during your pre-sale and into full studio operations.

So there you have it. I know we are perfect for you, but if you are not quite sold yet, please DM me or send me an email at and we will have a conversation! I am an open book and would love to answer any and all questions you may have.

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