Greenlight Personal Training

Unveiling Our New Greenlight Franchise in Mesa, Arizona

We are thrilled to announce that we have awarded a new franchise which will be located in the vibrant city of Mesa, Arizona. We are always pumped when we award a new territory – Not only does it contribute to our vision to make Greenlight Personal Training a household name in North America but also our commitment to spreading the message of health, fitness, and community is strengthened with every new territory awarded.

Seeing the lives of both our franchise owners and the clients they serve transform for the better brings us unparalleled joy.  Each new franchise location represents an opportunity to empower aspiring entrepreneurs on their path to financial freedom by giving them the tools to build their own successful Greenlight location(s).  Our franchise owners become change agents in their local communities. From promoting healthy habits and fitness to fostering a sense of community, they embody the spirit of wellbeing that defines Greenlight Personal Training as a brand. 

As we continue to grow our network, we are poised to reach more individuals, making a significant impact on their well-being and lifestyle as every community that welcomes a Greenlight Personal Training franchise becomes a part of our ever-growing, supportive network.

Please join us in congratulating Brandon Dell’Olio as they are set to open their Greenlight Personal Training Mesa..  

If you are a fitness professional and driven to transform more lives, make more money and create thriving communities, please click here to learn if owning a Greenlight Personal Training franchise is the right opportunity for you.