June 2022

Calling All Successful Gym Owners - Your Next Location is Easier Than You Think You find yourself lying in bed, eyes wide open and suddenly you realize; it's time. You have done it.  Your business is crushing it and you are ready to take it to the next level. You are ready for your SECOND LOCATION! Firstly, congratulations!! This is a tremendous accomplishment as a gym owner and has taken years of dedication and commitment to achieve. And secondly, you are in the perfect position to absolutely crush it with a Greenlight Fitness Franchise.  Now in

They say hindsight is 20/20 because it can be easy to look back and see very clearly what we should have done differently. And yet, many still find themselves making the same mistakes over and over again. Now wouldn't it be nice if we all had crystal balls and could see into the future? Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in. So I believe next best option we have is reflection. Asking yourself: What mistakes have I made and what wouldn't I do, if I could do it all over

You want to start a fitness business - whats the right path for you? Turning a passion for fitness into a career can be a very rewarding endeavour. But not all fitness or micro-gyms are created equal. For the sake of this post, I’m only going to look at coach led businesses and facilities using the following three comparison categories for the different models: Start-up Challenges, Financial Commitment, and Growth Opportunity.   Online  Start-up Challenges: Very low - online fitness programs have a very low barrier to entry. There are many platforms available for coaches to deliver their

Our Director of Franchise Services, Jeff Larsh, took some time to answer some of the most common questions we’ve been getting since launching Greenlight Personal Training as a franchise model. Who is the ideal Greenlight Owner? This is something we have given a lot of thought.  There are really two ideal candidates: The first is an Owner/Operator.  This is someone who is already an experienced fitness professional and is looking to be very involved in every aspect of their studio; from sales right down to running training sessions.  Greenlight is a spectacular vehicle

Have you always wanted to open a Fitness Franchise? This article will walk you through the stages of becoming a Greenlight Franchise. Becoming a Greenlight Franchise owner is a very intensive process. The process is intentional to ensure that no stone is left uncovered before signing on the dotted line. We consider our Franchisee's as partners and need to ensure we can see the potential to build a strong relationship moving forward. In order to become a Greenlight Franchisee, you have to go through 6 Steps: Step 1- Clarity Call: The first step