Steps to Own A Greenlight Franchise

Have you always wanted to open a Fitness Franchise? This article will walk you through the stages of becoming a Greenlight Franchise.

Becoming a Greenlight Franchise owner is a very intensive process. The process is intentional to ensure that no stone is left uncovered before signing on the dotted line. We consider our Franchisee’s as partners and need to ensure we can see the potential to build a strong relationship moving forward.

In order to become a Greenlight Franchisee, you have to go through 6 Steps:

Step 1– Clarity Call: The first step is a clarity call with me.  Its about 15-20 minutes and the idea is that you and I will get to know each other, I will ask you some questions, and we will determine together whether it is a good idea for us to continue on with the process.

Step 2 – Application: If during Step 1, we both decide; yes, let’s get a little deeper into this, you will be asked to complete a full application.  This is an online form and will give us a brief detailed background on you as a potential franchisee.  

Step 3 – Founder’s Call:  If everything looks good on your application, you will be asked to attend a Founder’s Call where you will meet with the four Founders.  This call usually takes around 45-60 minutes where we walk you through the details of why Greenlight is a great opportunity and hopefully answer any and all of your questions.

Step 4 – FDD Delivery:  The most important document in this process is the FDD or the Franchise Disclosure Document.  Within this document, which is required to be delivered to a potential franchisee 14 days before signing any agreement, is everything someone would need to know to make an educated decision whether joining that Franchise is right for them.  During Step 4, we will deliver this document to you, you will need to sign a receipt confirming its delivery and then you will review it in depth.  Once you have had a chance to review, it is likely we will book a Q&A call with myself to answer any followup questions.

Step 5 – Discovery Day:  If we are still in alignment and on paper everything is looking positive to move forward, we will invite you to either our Oakville (Canada) or Scottsdale (US) studio to meet with the Founders in person where we can further our discussions and work out specific details for your studio.

Step 6 – Franchise Agreement Delivery:  At this point, the finish line is within sight!  We would be delivering you your personalized Franchise Agreement which once signed, would officially welcome you to the Greenlight Movement!

Are you interested in starting the process to become a franchise? Message us here or email .