The Greenlight Personal Training Opportunity

Our Director of Franchise Services, Jeff Larsh, took some time to answer some of the most common questions we’ve been getting since launching Greenlight Personal Training as a franchise model.

Who is the ideal Greenlight Owner?

This is something we have given a lot of thought.  There are really two ideal candidates:

The first is an Owner/Operator.  This is someone who is already an experienced fitness professional and is looking to be very involved in every aspect of their studio; from sales right down to running training sessions.  Greenlight is a spectacular vehicle for them to do what they love, while not being bogged down by having to figure out how to operate a business.

The second type of person is what we are referring to as a “Hands-On-Investor”.  These people are looking to own multiple units and build a network that they will then manage.

These people will go through our comprehensive training and learn the business systems but will be looking to hire out teams to manage the day to day operations of their studios.  A passion for fitness and helping people is a prerequisite for this type of person to be successful, but direct fitness industry experience is not.

 Why Greenlight?

Apart from the myriad of advantages built into the model, the biggest reason you should choose Greenlight is due to the strength of its leadership.  Scott, Dave, Dan and I all are seasoned veterans in the gym owning game and the full weight of our combined experience and knowledge will be going directly into making our Franchisees overwhelmingly successful.  Owning a business can be lonely, so not only will you operate based off of the refined franchised systems we have created, you also get a team and community of entrepreneurs and growth minded people to lean on while you and your studio grow!

 What are the key differentiators of a Greenlight Franchise to other market competitors?

I think these three points are really what sets Greenlight apart and makes it a no-brainer for someone wanting to open their own studio:

1.  Our model requires a much smaller team to operate then the big fitness competitors in the industry.  Instead of having to find coaches to handle 40-60 classes a week, you need 1-2 coaches to operate 60-80 overlapping sessions.

2.  We require a very small studio foot print that allows you to not only operate in a prime location, but still have a manageable rent that will allow you to realize profitability quickly and efficiently.  You would be looking at 1200-1800 sqft compared to 2000-4000 for most fitness studios.

3.  Our Trainers are compensated at the highest level.  They are paid per client/session which allows for your payroll to not only scale with clients, but allows for a Trainer to reach hourly compensation levels that are unheard of in the industry.  Team this with upward mobility into Mentoring calls (client coaching) and sales, real careers and futures can be crafted for Trainers who work within a Greenlight studio.

What is attractive about the client facing product of Greenlight?

The most attractive aspect of our client facing product has to be the results.  Our program looks beyond what is done in the gym and is built on 4 main pillars: Strength Training, Nutrition, Healthy Habits and Daily Movement.  We have tailored our approach into a 3 phase system that gives just the right amount of accountability and structure at the right times, building our clients towards a full lifestyle transformation.  The results speak for themselves and our clients love the experience of having their own coach throughout their fitness journey!

What does the Greenlight New Franchise Owner training consist of?

I think I am most proud of this side of what we provide as a franchise!  When you are awarded a Greenlight Franchise, you will work directly with myself and Dan Visentin throughout your training and studio buildout.  You will be meeting with us virtually every week where we will be working through the New Studio Checklist, making sure that nothing is missed along the way.  Concurrently, you will be completing seven Learning Modules within our Greenlight University that will prepare you to implement our Sales and Marketing Systems, deliver an incredible client experience through our Fulfilment Programs and give you the tools you need to hire the right people, maintain your facility and manage the backend of the business.  We take great pride in making sure that every new Franchisee receives the white glove service from us so that they are properly trained and prepared to be opening their doors with momentum and success!

If you are ready to join the Greenlight Movement and become a Studio Owner, Visit our Franchise Page and Book Your Call Now!  If you have a question or just want to talk shop, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at .