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Find Out if A Fitness Franchise is the Right Fit For You

Owning a franchise offers you an opportunity to start a business with the benefit of expert guidance and proven models. At Greenlight Personal Training, we want to partner with people who we’re super compatible with, and we’re guessing you feel the same! If you’re considering joining the Greenlight family we recommend you ask yourself these five important questions first to find out if a fitness franchise is the right fit for you! 

Are you passionate about health and helping others?

Fitness franchises are about creating a safe and effective space for clients to achieve their goals. As an operator, it’s important to be motivated to facilitate this with all the tools and techniques available. At Greenlight Personal Training, our holistic approach to getting fit is built on four pillars: daily movement, nutrition, strength training, and mindset. Our coaches help clients with their lifestyle both in and out of the gym to develop better habits and become the best version of themselves.

 Are you a boss?

Let’s be honest, becoming your own boss sounds appealing to a lot of us. While there’s so much freedom that comes with opening your own gym location, there’s also a great amount of responsibility. You’ll be calling all the shots, from developing training plans to creating new client relationships. While experience in the fitness industry isn’t necessary, it’s ideal to have a high level of business and management experience. All owners and operators organize daily operations and direct the staff.

Are you in alignment with the brand?

When you consider partnering with a brand, you want to make sure that your vision, values, and goals are all aligned. Find out what the mission behind the business model is. Also ask yourself what you really want to gain from owning a fitness franchise. The Greenlight PT model is designed to decrease burnout and any need for a large staff while operating at a very high earning potential. Our mission is to create a world full of balanced, healthy, purpose-driven people. 

What do the numbers say? 

We all know, before embarking on any new business venture, you’ve got to take the time to crunch the numbers! For a fitness franchise you’ll want to look at things like the initial franchise fee, any royalties, and the projected profits for your return on investment. The nice thing is that a detailed cost analysis and business plan will have already been done for you! Our franchise fee is $23,500. Another financial factor to consider is that our average client value is $900 per month. 

Are you ready to commit? 

Dedication and determination are both absolutely essential to succeeding in any business. While a franchise offers plenty of benefits like an established brand and proven model, there’s no replacement for hard work. Make sure that you really want to be a partner in a fitness franchise and that you will be able to give your full time and energy to the location as needed. We always give it our all at Greenlight Personal Training and we expect our franchise partners to do the same!

To learn more about if owning a Greenlight location could be a good fit for you, you can contact us today for a discovery call with a team member or request our INFO PACK at

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